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Ministers’ forums

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Agriculture Ministers’ Forum

Environment Ministers’ Meeting

The Environment Ministers Meeting (EMM) is an intergovernmental forum in which national environmental issues are progressed and a forum to discuss strategic issues and agree cross-government actions to improve Australia’s environment.

EMM comprises the Commonwealth Minister for the Environment, and the environment minister from each Australian state and territory.

Meeting 1

Meeting of Environment Ministers

The Meeting of Environment Ministers (MEM) was replaced by the EMM following National Cabinet’s 2020 Review of COAG Councils and Ministerial Forums (the Conran Review).

Meeting 9

Meeting 8

Meeting 7

Meeting 6

Out of session

Meeting 5

Meeting 4

Meeting 3

Meeting 2

Meeting 1

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Fisheries Ministers’ Meeting

Forestry Ministers’ Meeting

Primary Industries Ministers’ Meeting

Ministerial Indigenous Heritage Roundtable


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Avian Influenza

Biosecurity Import Supply Chain Roundtables

Browsing ant

Bulk grain

Bushfire Roundtable on Forestry

Chestnut Blight

Citrus Canker

Cut flowers and foliage imports

Exotic Fruit Flies in the Torres Strait

Great Barrier Reef advisory bodies

Macao Paper Wasp on the Cocos (Keeling) Islands

National Tropical Weeds

Red Witchweed

Varroa jacobsoni eradication response plan

Wildlife and threatened species bushfire recovery expert panel