Media statement: Recent khapra beetle detections in container that held a consignment of baby highchairs

19 November 2020

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment is currently managing and investigating a khapra beetle detection associated with one container of imported baby highchairs.

The importer was directed to remove from sale and secure all highchairs from this consignment. Subsequent visits to retail stores have found khapra at a number of locations.

All goods associated with this shipment are being traced and will be treated to ensure they do not pose an ongoing biosecurity risk. Commercial and private premises that handled the goods are also being visited and treated.

A range of urgent measures are now being phased in to better safeguard our country from khapra, including stricter import conditions for high-risk goods.

The department is analysing global trade patterns to better understand why recent khapra detections have occurred in imports that were previously regarded as low-risk.

As khapra can hitchhike in shipping containers, the department will implement additional changes to the management of container risks following industry consultation.

Thank you to the member of the public who reported this detection and to the company for its cooperation.
To report a biosecurity concern visit or call 1800 798 636.

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