National Heritage List nominations open

25 November 2019

(Issued by Department of the Environment and Energy)

Most Australians know that the Sydney Opera House, Kakadu National Park and Bondi Beach are on the National Heritage List. But how many people know that Moree baths and the entire city of Broken Hill are also on the prestigious list?

It is important that the public has its say in the protection of the Nation’s outstanding heritage places. The Department is delighted to announce that nominations are now open for places of outstanding natural, Indigenous or historic significance to the nation, for possible inclusion on our National Heritage List.

The list celebrates and protects places that reflect our country’s unique landscapes, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, and development as a nation.

It includes 116 sites from across Australia and its territories, ranging from icons such as Fraser Island and the Greater Blue Mountains, to lesser-known gems such as the Dirk Hartog’s Landing Site, Abbotsford Convent, Echuca Wharf, Witjira-Dalhousie Springs and the Cheetup Rock Shelter.

Each year, more places are added to the list as our national story unfolds, adding to a deeper understanding of our country’s diverse narrative.

While anyone can make a nomination, the assessment process is a rigorous one, ensuring that only places that are of “outstanding significance to the nation” make the list.

Nominations are open until 14 February 2020 and will be considered by the Australian Heritage Council before a final list of places to be assessed is developed. As part of that assessment process, there will be further opportunities for public comment on each proposed listing.