Media statement: MV Al Kuwait berths at Kuwait port

2 July 2020

The MV Al Kuwait has berthed at Kuwait port and commenced discharge.

The voyage mortality rate remains well-below reportable levels.

The final mortality rate will not be determined until discharge has been completed and final reports received from the Australian Accredited Veterinarian and Master of the vessel.

An independent observer accompanied the vessel to monitor, observe and report on activities in approved export programs for the purpose of ensuring the health and welfare of live animals in the course of export activities.

The department will progress review of the independent observer report in accordance with standard procedures as soon as possible after the observer has been able to submit their report. 

As part of this process, a summary of the key observations from the report will be published as soon as practicable.

The exporter Rural Export and Trading (WA) Pty Ltd was granted an exemption to the prohibition of export of sheep by sea to the Middle East, following the submission of a second application for exemption.

The exemption was granted with strict conditions, resulting in substantially fewer sheep in the consignment.

More details about the exemption decision can be found in this statement.