Media statement: Strong biosecurity to manage grain import risks

22 March 2019

(Issued by Department of Agriculture)

Australia has strict processes and a long-established policy to ensure any future imports of grain do not compromise our vital biosecurity status.

The department recently held an information session to engage with industry and government stakeholders on how the associated biosecurity risks would be managed. 

Imports have not commenced, but we share the views of stakeholders that upholding Australia’s biosecurity is the first priority. 

The department only permits imports if we are confident the biosecurity risks can be managed.

Well-established controls and strict import conditions are in place to manage the biosecurity risks associated with imported grain.

Each import application is thoroughly assessed based on the latest scientific information. This includes an assessment of the pest and disease status of the country of origin and biosecurity risks associated with the supply chain.

If the risks can be managed and an application is approved, the department conducts regular monitoring to ensure the import conditions are being met.

The department appreciates engagement from industry and other stakeholders on this significant matter. It further demonstrates the shared understanding of the importance of biosecurity for Australia.

For more information visit Bulk grain import permits.​