Media statement: Review of import conditions for brassicaceous crop seeds

6 April 2018

(Issued by Department of Agriculture)

​The Draft review of import conditions for brassicaceous crop seeds for sowing into Australia recognises that there is an increased risk of seed-borne pathogens being introduced to Australia on some imported brassicaceous seeds.

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources is proposing fungicide treatment for some seeds, which is a suitable and effective option for the majority of Australian growers.

If this measure is implemented, it will only apply to imports of crop seeds that can be affected by specific pathogens. All other crop seed species will be able to continue being imported under current requirements. 

Alternative risk management options will be considered and discussed with the organic industry with the intent that Australian organic growers can access genetic resource material.

The department’s risk assessment process includes a consultation period specifically for industry and other stakeholders. Feedback on proposed measures and alternative measures to manage risks is encouraged. All feedback will be considered in the final review.

As part of this review, the department has and will continue to liaise with key industry stakeholders.

More information on the review is available in the Brassicaceous crop seeds for sowing into Australia fact sheet.