Media statement: Queensland Upper Condamine Alluvium Groundwater Tender

19 April 2018

​​The Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture and Water Resources opened a new groundwater request for tender in the Queensland Upper Condamine Alluvium on 19 April 2018. Interested groundwater licence holders will have until 31 July 2018 to make a submission.

The department is seeking groundwater water licences from all four sub-areas of the Central Condamine Alluvium and tradable groundwater licences in the Dalrymple Creek Alluvium Groundwater Management Area and Oakey Creek Groundwater Management Area.

The tender will be run as an open competitive tender within a budget of $100 million. The department will be seeking best value for money and has released the maximum price it is willing to pay to help inform the market. The maximum price is based on an independent valuation provided by Herron Todd White.

A summary of the valuation report is available on the department’s website. The approach taken by the department for this tender reflects the nature of the tender, the limited trade information available for this market, and the desire to ensure that tenderers have as much information as possible to make their decisions.

This groundwater purchase tender will help to deliver on the Government’s commitment to bridge the gap to the groundwater Sustainable Diversion Limits in the Murray–Darling Basin Plan. The total groundwater recovery target for the Queensland Upper Condamine Alluvium is 40.4 GL.

There remains a gap to bridge of 37.7 GL and these purchases will be an important step towards long‑term sustainability for groundwater irrigators in the region. This is the only groundwater recovery required in the Basin Plan and its purpose is to protect the productive base in the area. It is separate from the 2750 GL surface water recovery target.

For eligible licence holders, to help inform your decision on whether to participate in this tender, as well as understand how this groundwater recovery target will be met, the following documents are available on the department’s website,​.

  • Request for Tender
  • Tender Application form
  • Fact sheet
  • Valuation Report Summary
  • Draft contract