Media statement: Beef imports from Japan

1 June 2018

(Issued by Department of Agriculture)

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has approved the recommencement of chilled or frozen beef imports from Japan.

This follows a comprehensive risk analysis that assessed the biosecurity and health risks associated with importing beef products from Japan and other countries, followed by an in-depth evaluation of Japan’s animal health status and export systems.

The review and evaluation found that trade will be safe with the right measures in place to mitigate identified risks.

Throughout the review process, the department consulted widely with industry and other interested stakeholders. The draft report on the risk analysis was also released for stakeholder comment and the department received a range of feedback that was incorporated into the final report.

If and when trade occurs is a commercial decision between importers in Australia and exporters in Japan.

Australia exports three quarters of our fresh beef to countries around the world and Japan is our largest market for beef exports.

Trade is two way—as a member of the World Trade Organisation, and as a partner in free trade agreements, Australia has obligations to allow trade where the science says it is safe to do so.

Further information on the biosecurity risk review can be found on the department’s website.