Loxton declared fruit fly free

30 April 2019

(Issued by Department of Agriculture)

The Loxton pest free area has been reinstated this week following the successful eradication of Queensland fruit fly (Qfly).

The department is working with key trading partners through our agricultural counsellors to allow trade to re-commence under pest free conditions as soon as possible.

Reinstatement of the pest free area and recognition by trading partners removes the need for additional treatment requirements for exports, which saves producers time and money.

The Department of Primary Industries and Regions, South Australia (PIRSA) led the eradication efforts, which included containment measures, surveillance, community engagement, strict passenger movement and border controls.

PIRSA also deployed a Sterile Insect Technology (SIT) program in the outbreak area, with more than 16 million sterile flies released to outcompete and eliminate any remaining wild flies in the area.

Australia has well-established biosecurity measures in place to assist in responding to pest and disease outbreaks, including Qfly. For more information, visit http://www.outbreak.gov.au.