Correcting misinformation about cut flower imports

9 April 2021

Fresh cut flowers and foliage have been imported into Australia on a commercial basis for almost 50 years.

Imported cut flowers have the potential to carry biosecurity risks, so the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment has strict import measures for cut flowers.

Australia’s cut flower and foliage import conditions require biosecurity risks to be reduced offshore prior to export. Only permitted species and plant parts can be exported to Australia.

Recent media reports have provided misleading information to industry and the public around certain types of flowers being imported into Australia.

It has been reported that Eucalyptus flowers, wattle and banksia are imported into Australia which is incorrect.

Eucalyptus flowers, wattle and banksia are not permitted to be imported into Australia. However, Australia does allow the import of kangaroo paw subject to import requirements.

Only cut flower and foliage species that have undergone a risk assessment are permitted entry into Australia. The native flowers listed above do not fall within this group and cannot be imported into Australia.

The cut flower and foliage species that are allowed to be imported into Australia, subject to import requirements can be found in the List of Species of Fresh Cut Flowers and Foliage with Alternative Conditions for Import – Mainland and on the Biosecurity Import Conditions database.

For more information on importing cut flowers and foliage.