Bulk pet supplements intercepted at mail centres

19 October 2020

There have been mass interceptions of pet supplements at Australia’s international mail centres in recent months.

Head of Biosecurity, Andrew Tongue, said the majority of the supplements were from the same supplier and the products did not meet biosecurity import requirements.

“From 1 June to 13 October 2020, more than 1800 pet supplement products from the same overseas supplier have been intercepted at our mail centres,” Mr Tongue said.

“That’s more than 1800 products people have purchased online that have been exported back to the supplier as they did not meet biosecurity requirements.

“Before importing these goods, people should check the import conditions for goods and, if required, apply for an import permit issued by the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment.

“These permits come with certain conditions that ensure any associated biosecurity pest and disease risks are managed.

“Pet supplements can be manufactured using a range of biological ingredients, including animal materials.

“These ingredients must be sourced and processed in a way that ensures they are not contaminated with disease agents that could be a biosecurity concern.

“We have had a number of recent issues relating to biosecurity risks arriving via international mail, including unsolicited seeds being received by people across the country.

“These issues highlight that biosecurity is everyone’s responsibility and we must all be biosecurity aware.

“If you are purchasing goods online from overseas, do your research first and check if the goods are permitted and if an import permit is required.

“This will save you from wasting money and ensure you are doing your part to support Australia’s biosecurity.”

For more information on Australia’s biosecurity conditions, visit awe.gov.au/mailing-goods.