Australia leading global animal health efforts

14 September 2018

(Issued by Department of Agriculture)

Australia’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr Mark Schipp, is travelling to Europe this week for his first official engagements as President of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) World Assembly.

Dr Schipp is attending the OIE Regional Conference for Europe in Georgia on Monday 17 to 21 September, followed by chairing the OIE Council meeting in Paris on 25 to 27 September.

“It was an honour to be recognised with the role of President of the OIE, and now to lead important global engagements,” Dr Schipp said.

“The international community looks to the OIE as the intergovernmental organisation responsible for improving animal health worldwide—primarily in controlling animal disease and setting international standards for animal health and the trade of animals and animal products.

“This is a significant role, recognising Australia’s reputation as a leader in animal health and biosecurity and placing Australia at the forefront of these global efforts.

“Australia is now positioned to make an even greater contribution to the important animal health and trade issues that directly affect our producers.

“At these meetings we will continue to discuss and begin to develop the OIE’s 7th Strategic plan (2021 – 2025).

“This is an opportunity to guide the direction of the OIE, to build on recent successes and ensure the OIE’s work represents the future directions and issues important to both individual countries and global needs.

“From an Australian perspective, we want to see a focus on encouraging greater adoption and implementation of international standards, increasing member participation in OIE governance and processes, and positioning the OIE to be a strong global voice on animal health and veterinary services in important global discussions.

“This includes raising awareness of vital global issues like combatting the threat of antimicrobial resistance—a passion of mine and one of the greatest threats to human and animal health.”

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