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The ‘day in the life...’ video series showcases the diverse and important work we do. It’s a celebration of our people, their passion and their expertise.

Videos will be progressively released over the next 12 months.


March 2021 – A day in the life of a reef rescuer

This video looks at the jobs of 2 of our reef rescuers, working to improve farming practices while maintaining the health of the Great Barrier Reef.   

The video features Deb, Assistant Secretary of the Reef Branch, and Ben, Senior project officer within the Reef Delivery Team.

The video highlights the importance of working closely with the sugarcane and grazing industries to prevent sentiment run-off from entering the reef, which can hamper sunlight from reaching vulnerable seagrass in coral communities, affectively starving them.

Reef rescuer transcript DOCX [16 KB]

December 2020 – A day in the life of a landcare legend

This video looks at the work of 2 of our landcare legends, working to protect Australia from damaging pests and diseases. It highlights the importance of landcare – looking after our soil, water, and native vegetation for better environmental and agricultural outcomes.

The video features Steve Costello, Assistant Secretary of Program Delivery in the Biodiversity Conservation Division, and Ian Thompson, former Chief Environmental Biosecurity Officer.

Landcare legend transcript DOCX [56 KB]

October 2020 – A day in the life of a water warrior

This video looks at the roles of 2 of our water warriors working to deliver government environmental water to wetlands and rivers.

The stars of this video – Michele, a Local Engagement Officer, and Madeline, a Water Delivery Officer – both work in the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office.

They share their stories about supporting sustainable water resource management in the Basin, highlighting the important linkages between agriculture and water management in rural and regional communities. It highlights how they work to enhance Australia’s agriculture, unique environment and heritage, and water resources.

Water warrior transcript DOCX [56 KB]

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