Public consultations

Our work has wide-reaching impact. We are committed to considering how our decisions affect our industries, natural resources and the public.

We share information and seek feedback from our clients, stakeholders, regulated entities and the broader community. This helps us develop and manage our policies, programs and regulations, and to provide our services.

Why we consult

We engage with you so we can:

  • see where your work intersects with ours
  • hear your point of view
  • understand how our proposals would affect you

How we consult

We strive to consult in a genuine and timely way.

We talk to affected businesses, community organisations and individuals. This may be in person, by phone or online.

A genuine consultation process ensures we consider:

  • the real-world impact of our proposals
  • every practical and viable policy alternative

Engage with us

Our department was established on 1 February 2020. Before this, we were the:

  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of the Environment and Energy (Environment portfolio)

We are still updating our corporate information. This includes merging our online consultation platforms.

Find our current and past consultations: