What we do

Our purpose, objectives and priorities statement [PDF 149KB] sets the foundation for our strategic direction for forward years. It provides clarity on who we are, and what we are here to do.

Our purpose

Partnering and regulating to enhance Australia’s agriculture, unique environment and heritage, and water resources.

Our objectives

We work across the breadth of our vast and valuable resources. On the land and water and in towns and cities.

Our purpose is supported by 5 objectives, or key areas of focus:

Support stewardship and sustainable management to enhance Australia’s environment and our unique heritage

Manage biosecurity risks to Australian agriculture, the environment and our way of life

  • Biosecurity is critical to preventing, responding to and recovering from pests and diseases that threaten the economy and environment.
  • Find out how we manage biosecurity risks.

Advance Australia’s strategic, scientific and environmental interests in the Antarctic and the Southern Ocean

Support the sustainable management and productive use of Australia’s water resources

Assist industry to grow to a $100 billion agriculture sector by 2030

  • Our policies and services help deliver a productive, competitive and sustainable agricultural sector.
  • Read more about how we support Australia’s agriculture industry.

Working with you

We work with our stakeholders, governments and the public to achieve our objectives.

We seek feedback through:

  • public consultation
  • industry forums
  • consultative committees
  • international delegations
  • working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

Discover how you can share your ideas.

Our business

To meet our objectives, we:

  • provide advice to the Australian Government
  • deliver programs
  • administer legislation

We are a regulator. We enforce laws relating to:

  • pest and disease risks of goods, people and vessels arriving in Australia
  • agricultural goods exported from Australia
  • protection of the environment and biodiversity
  • use of pollutants and hazardous substances
  • imported food safety
  • imported wood and paper products
  • Import and export of wildlife
  • agricultural levies
  • water efficiency labelling for household and plumbing products

Read more about our responsibilities and the laws we administer.