People and jobs


As an organisation, we are committed to building a culture
where difference is valued and respected, and where we work
together and leverage the benefit of our diversity.


Why work for us

The work we do today, matters for tomorrow.

Our responsibilities are diverse. Among our many activities, we:

  • drive strong biosecurity controls to protect Australia
  • set government policy on drought, fisheries, natural resource management
  • protect our unique environment
  • manage our water resources
  • maintain and secure new markets for Australia’s agricultural exports
  • inform environmental change

Apply for a job

We offer a range of jobs in different fields and locations, both in Australia and overseas. Opportunities include permanent and temporary positions, statutory positions and board appointments.

Work with us.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

We recognise the important perspective Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people bring to our work. We actively build a culturally safe workplace and encourage you to apply for a job with us.

Jobs and special programs.

People with a disability

We support the employment and career development of people with a disability. We create an inclusive and supportive workplace for our staff.

How we support people with a disability.


We offer a special program for graduate employees. After completing the program, you will become a ongoing staff member.

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Gender equality

We strive for a workplace where we support each individual to reach their full potential.

Our approach to gender equality.

Benefits and conditions

We provide our employees an inclusive workplace, competitive salaries, generous leave entitlements and flexible work arrangements.

See all staff benefits and conditions we offer.