Regulator Performance Framework

We provide updates on our progress. Our regulators provide self-assessment reports each year. External stakeholders help validate these reports.

Our reports detail how we meet our RPF KPIs. They also highlight areas where we can improve.

Access to data

Our department was established on 1 February 2020. Before this, we were the:

  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of the Environment and Energy (Environment portfolio)

We haven’t yet reported as our new department. You can still access information published before we merged.

2018–19 self-assessments

We are committed to being a best practice regulator. Productive regulation is essential to protect our land, water, heritage and environment.

Australian Government regulators conduct annual assessments against the Regulator Performance Framework. In 2018-19, the former departments of Agriculture and Environment and Energy assessed their own performance. The new Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment will conduct future assessments.

We sought stakeholder feedback on 8 assessments. There were 7 from the agriculture portfolio and 1 from the environment portfolio.


The former department conducted self-assessments for 7 regulatory functions including:

  • delivering biosecurity functions
  • export control, including certification
  • regulating the import of timber products and raw log processing to combat illegal logging
  • monitoring imported food
  • collecting levies for research, development and marketing
  • implementing the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards scheme
  • regulating live animal exports
Maturity rating Requirement
Optimal Comprehensive regulatory systems and processes. Demonstrated achievement.
Managed Comprehensive regulatory systems and processes. Minor achievement issues.  Corrective action in place.
Sound Sound regulatory systems and processes. Some achievement issues or limitations in assessing regulator performance.
In transition Limited regulatory systems and processes.  Significant achievement issues and/or limitations in assessing regulator performance.
Not meeting expectations Regulatory systems and processes highly limited. Performance not assessed or limited.


Environment and Energy

The former Department of Environment and Energy conducted 1 self-assessment that covered all regulatory functions. This includes:

  • protection of the environment and biodiversity. This includes assessment and approval of activities impacting on matters of national environmental significance, such as wildlife trade
  • regulation of activities in the Antarctic Treaty Area
  • managing air quality, product standards for small non-road non-diesel engines and regulation of ozone depleting substances and synthetic greenhouse gases
  • managing waste, including regulation of exports of hazardous waste, and administration of product stewardship schemes including e-waste, oil, tyres and the Australian Packaging Covenant
  • renewable energy and energy markets.