Transforming your digital experience

We are building a better department website. This will be a multi-year project that follows a user-centred design approach.

Our new website will help you:

  • find the advice, data or support measures you need
  • comply with your legal responsibilities.

Stage 1

In late 2021, we will be merging our 3 departmental websites:


All existing content will be moved to We will be telling our website users more about this closer to the time.

Stage 2

We will undertake a full redevelopment of the website.

This begins with user research. Talking to real users helps us make sure we understand your needs.

We will then use these insights to develop a beta website. A beta is an early, limited release. We will develop and move content to our beta site section by section.

We start with a beta site so you can get involved in the development process. It’s the best way to create a service that meets your needs.

How you can help

We want to hear from you. Help us understand what works and what doesn’t across our sites.

On and, you can provide feedback at the bottom of each page. Just answer the question ‘Was this page helpful?’ and give as many details as you can about your experience.

We will use everything we learn to build a better service.