Our commitment to you

We’re committed to modern, flexible and professional service delivery. We conduct ourselves with integrity.

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We ensure the information on our website accessible to everyone.

See how we meet accessibility requirements.

Claiming compensation

You may be able to claim compensation if we’ve made an administration error.

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Client service charter

Our charter sets out our service responsibilities and our standard of service.

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Regulator Performance Framework

This framework seeks to remove inefficient or ineffective laws.

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We take a zero tolerance approach to fraud and corruption. We take steps to maintain our integrity.

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Information management and public data

We publish, link to and share data to support our work. It’s available for everyone.

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National Redress Scheme

This scheme supports people who have experienced institutional child sexual abuse.

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Privacy policy

We collect, hold, use and disclose personal information to perform our functions.

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Work health and safety commitment statement

We commit to the mental and physical health and safety of our people, our visitors and others who work for us and with us.

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