We are an Australian Government department. We work to protect and strengthen our agriculture, water resources, the environment and our heritage. For today and into the future.

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Who we are

We help protect Australia’s heritage and natural resources, and support our agricultural industries.

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What we do

We work across our vast and valuable resources. On the land and water and in towns and cities.

The work we do.

How we do it

Our Core 4 values guide and reflect how we work together, and with our stakeholders and partners, to achieve our Purpose, Objectives and Priorities.

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Accountability and reporting

We publish information on how we operate. This ensures we’re transparent, fair and ethical.

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Assistance, grants and tenders

We provide grants, investment, financial assistance and tax concessions. We also buy goods and services.

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Commitment to you

We’re committed to modern, flexible and professional service delivery.

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People and jobs

Our staff have many different roles. We offer competitive benefits and a supportive work environment.

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Our publications relate to all areas of our portfolio and how we operate.

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